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  • What is Yardhookup.com®?
  • How it Works?
  • How is YardHookup.com® different?
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  • What is Yardhookup.com®?
    Yardhookup.com® is an online landscape contractor referral service where home owners can visually compare and contrast completed projects via real jobsite photos from yardhookup.com® contractors. You choose contractors whose work you visually like and whose price range you can afford. On yardhookup.com®, you can review each landscape contractor’s pricing, aesthetic style and credentials, including licenses, certifications, references, warranties, professional affiliations and more. Yardhookup.com® makes it easy to have confidence in a contractor before they are hired.
    How It Works?
    1. Browse and review contractor picture portfolios and profiles within the Yardhookup.com® website.
    2. Choose up to three landscape companies you would like to communicate with regarding your landscape project.
    3. Your selected contractors will contact you to set-up a meeting to review your plans. During this meeting, you and the landscape professional will have the opportunity to discuss your project in detail and share ideas.
    4. Decide which contractor you wish to hire. You and the chosen contractor will work together to achieve a finished project to your satisfaction.
    5. Once your project is finished, you will be given the opportunity to provide Yardhookup.com® with feedback on the landscape work performed. This constructive feedback loop keeps the site informative for future Yardhookup.com® users.

    How is YardHookup.com® different?
    We thoroughly screen all landscape contractor companies. They must provide references (which we check) and have a good track record for being responsive, pleasant, competent, and timely. We motivate landscapers to use the highest-quality plants, soil, and other building materials to help assure you will have an outstanding landscape.

    Your opinions count at Yardhookup.com®. We follow up with you to make sure you are happy with the work you received - not just in the short-term, but also twelve (12) months and eighteen (18) months after the job is completed. Continued, long-term satisfaction is the true test of a job well done. You can also provide direct feedback on contractors so others can benefit from your experience.
    We are locally owned and operated in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex. We accept no advertising dollars.

    What YardHookup® is not:
    Yardhookup.com® serves as a referral service. We do not help manage jobs and we do not get involved in dispute resolution. You negotiate and work directly with the contractors.
    How do we get paid?
    Our service is FREE to you, the homeowner. We are primarily compensated from a combination of fees collected from suppliers and referred companies.
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