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Hiring an Arborist

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Arborists are specialists who have knowledge of different species of trees, their environmental needs, how to inspect trees for diseases or structural issues and the least invasive way to correct any problems. In the USA, a certified arborist has over three years of experience and has passed a rigorous written test from the International Society of Arboriculture. Your local residential tree service, or yard maintenance crew will likely not have this level of knowledge or experience.

Tree and arborist services can range from tree trimming, pruning, shaping, removal, disease treatment, pest control, fertilization, construction protection, transplanting and planting to arborist or tree surgeon services. Pricing for arborists services varies based on job complexity and range from $25 for light trimming to thousands of dollars for tree removal and transplanting.

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Every cut on a tree is a wound and every leaf that is lost decreases the tree's photosynthetic potential. With that in mind, any tree pruning or trimming should have a purpose. For example: to allow clearance for foot or vehicular traffic or to clear branches away from the roof, fence or a power line. Always use certified and licensed tree professionals before attempting any tree trimming, removal, or healthcare.

Things to consider

  • What arborist services do you need? Tree trimming, pruning, health care, mistletoe removal, trees moved?
  • Trees provide valuable shade in the summer and allow warmth in the winter. Take this into account before having any trees unnecessarily removed.
  • What is your tree maintenance budget?
  • What types of insect, weed, and disease control techniques are used by the contractor? Are they safe for children and pets? Be aware of any post-application usage restrictions.
  • Request and check all references prior to hiring an arborist or tree maintenance company.
  • Request written estimates and make sure there is clear understanding of services rendered.
  • Does the pricing including wood clean-up and removal?
  • Is the arborist company bonded and insured?

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